EPAs: What are they and why should I care?”

October 19, 2023 from 3:00pm ADT to 4:00pm ADT

Governor's Ballroom A


Entrustable professional activities is a concept that was introduced in PA education and practice in recent years.  In 2021, the PA competency framework, CanMEDS-PA, was revised an framed as a set of 12 EPAs, in line with similar trends in medicine and other health professions.  These EPAs are intended to represent all the competencies that a PA must achieve before entry to practice.  Yet some confusion remains about the meaning of EPAs and how they relate to the previous competency framework.  In this session, we will clarify the meaning of EPAs, how they are used in clinical education and clinical practice, and how they relate to established PA competencies.

 Learning Objectives

  • Describe how EPAs act as a link between competency-based education and clinical practice
  • Explain the process of a PA learner becoming “competent” in the context of entrustment
  • Clarify some challenges and misconceptions in the language and implementation of EPAs

Speakers / Panelists